Spring Orchid Auction!

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The TOS will have its Spring Fundraising Auction on Monday, April 9th at the Doris Duke Center at Sarah P. Duke Gardens – our normal meeting place and time.

Come out and bid on some beautiful new orchids to help support our society – we will be auctioning beautiful plants (many in bud or flower!) from Sunset Valley Orchids in California and Turtle Pond Orchids in Florida.

The event is open to the public – all visitors are welcome!

All sales are final.

Remember – we will have a slideshow to accompany the auction, so you know what you are bidding on!


  • Dendrobium (Yondi Blush  ‘SVO #2’ x speciosum ‘Windermere’ HCC/AOC)
  • Dendrobium Australian Robbie McInnes = (Den. Aussie Parade ‘Carrot Splash’ AM/AOS x Den. speciosum ‘Windermere’ HCC/AOC)
  • Catasetum schmidtianum ‘SVO’ x Ctsm. Susan Fuchs ‘Burgundy Chips’ FCC/AOS
  • Catasetum schmidtianum ‘SVO’ x Ctsm. Orchidglade ‘JTM’
  • Potinara Loud Nine ‘SVO Best’ x Slc. Circle of Life ‘Fordyce Herald Angel’ AM/AOS
  • Brassolaeliocattleya Tropical Upgrade =(Lc. Tropical Sunset ‘Oceans Heaven’ x Blc. Guess What ‘SVO’ AM/AOS)
  • Laeliocattleya Naranja en Flor
  • Cattleya Chocolate Drop ‘SVO’ AM/AOS x  C. Orchidglade ‘Sunset Valley Orchids’ HCC/AOS
  • Sophrolaeliocattleya Golden Wax ‘Lone Star II’ HCC/AOS x Blc. Guess What ‘SVO’ AM/AOS
  • Sophrolaeliocattleya Jewel Box ‘Scheherazade’
  • Potinara Lover Boy ‘NN’
  • Potinara Triple Love ‘#9’
  • Potinara Triple Love ‘#15’
  • Potinara Triple Love ‘NN’
  • Potinara Paradise Beauty ‘Golden Angel’
  • Potinara Lisa Taylor Gallis ‘Nora’
  • Brassolaeliocattleya Hsinying Little Bride ‘#1’
  • Potinara Psycho Bride ‘NN’
  • Potinara Love Passion ‘Island Romance’
  • Potinara Lilly Marie Almas ‘MGR’
  • Brassolaeliocattleya Hsinying Catherine ‘Hakucho’
  • Caulocattleya Spring Fragrance ‘Hawaii’
  • Rhyncattleanthe Big Kiss ‘15’
  • Cymbidium Dorothy Stockstill ‘New Horizon’ 6N
  • Brassolaeliocattleya Maikai Louise
  • Brassolaelia Yellow Bird
  • Monnierara Millenium Magic ‘Witchcraft’ AM/AOS
  • Stenosarcos Vanguard ‘Red Stripe’