June 10th Speaker: Kim Fedderson of Fair Orchids of New Jersey

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June 10th Speaker:    Kim Fedderson of Fair Orchids of New Jersey

A look at cool growing orchids, outdoors 6+ months

Kim Feddersen is a third-generation orchidholic.
His grandfather spent 8 years in Malaysia, where he indulged his botanical interests. His dad had a retail orchid nursery (Orkidé Kultur) in Denmark; he started working in his Dad’s nursery after school when he was 15.
He has grown Orchids as a hobby grower for about 25 years, starting in windows, moving to lights in the basement, and finally into a shared greenhouse, where his collection numbered some 1500+ plants.
A December 2017 freeze wiped out his entire intermediate/warm collection. Due to space constraints, he had moved his cool growing plants to a different location, so his Cymbidiums, Laelia anceps & Aussie Dendrobiums were not affected. He now has a full 2500 sqft greenhouse, so his collection has somehow grown accordingly – with heavy emphasis on Cattleyas (especially L. anceps and B. nodosa hybrids).
Following the end of his corporate career, he expanded his orchid activities significantly. He is now participating in regional shows in NJ, PA, NY, CT, MA, MD & NH under the Fair Orchids identity, and he has so far collected 19 AOS awards (mix of flower quality & cultural).

Kim will be selling a variety of orchids during the meeting.

Meetings are free & open to the public – visitors are welcome.