Upcoming Speaker: Ben Belton

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Upcoming Speaker: Ben Belton

Novelty Phalaenopsis Hybrids & Culture

February’s talk will be on novelty Phalaenopsis hybrids, culture, and care from Ben Belton, a local expert grower. Anyone who has ever toured the Orchid Trail might have seen his extensive collection of these desirable, but finicky orchids.

We’ll also have a silent auction of the remaining holiday auction plants, including a variety of species and hybrids. There will also be some interesting orchid books for auction.

If you’re interested in sponsoring this or another talk, please contact triangleorchidsociety@gmail.com.

Remember to bring your blooming treasures to share on our greenhouse and non-greenhouse show tables.

Guests are always welcome at the monthly meetings of the TOS, though we do ask you to pay dues (only $25 per year!) if you make a habit of it.